Mysterium 2009, Saturday (Aug. 1st) live video caps

Here are a bunch of captures (around 40) of the live video feed setup at Cyan HQ on saturday afternoon. (silly me didn't take pictures while the camera was at the hotel)

Many thanks to the Mysterium commitee for setting this up! Mysterium has never been more enjoyable for people not able to attend. :) (After all it is the first time that people who are not at the event are still able to take pictures.. ;)
~ Aloys

(for those interested you can download a zip file of all those captures plus a couple more here.)

People gathering before lunch time

Zib showing the original Myst drawings he got from Robyn Miller

Lunch tables being setup up in the Cyan 'South' building

Rand was nice enough to stop by just before lunch and say hi.
(and I was stupid enough to forget to take a picture, many thanks to Erik for providing this one.)

More lunch fun

Eleri chatting

Oscelot dropping by..

..and giving Eleri a new haircut.

Blade Lakem joining the chat

EricL entering the frame briefly

Kerryth was one of our recurrent chat hosts of the day

June joining the chat

Table being setup for the 'Town Hall' meeting

Alahmnat announcing the talk

From left to right: Blade Lakem, Brian Fioca, Ryan Miller, and Eleri; discussing the influence of fan-created characters in the Uru story evolution

End of the Town Hall talk

M@ giving Rand a wonderful 'warning: wet floor' cone with a falling man inscribed. Rand waved his arm in the air in amazement.

Actually there were two cones.

More cone

Rand starting a long (and informative) QnA session

People running hamok on CyanChat IRC asking questions to Rand (somehow that ended up working and someone in the room asked that question)

More QnA (did I mention it was long?)

End of the QnA

People leaving the room after the QnA

Walker staying behind and joining the chat

Somebody (Walker?) was nice enough to pan the camera to the left to give us a new view of the place

nobody around to chat.. :(

Two unknown girls with pretty hats whose name I didn't catch (sorry)

Kierra saying hi, and teasing us about the wonderfull cake she'd brought

Mesnab was another loyal chatter today

PigBristles joining the party

Kerryth was another regular throughout the day

Yay, more camera panning!

Someone whose name I didn't catch (sorry) who was looking for the Rime Myst library code in realMyst.
You know you're definitely watching a Myst gathering when you hear that kind of question..

MrM3Fan stopping by to say hi

RivenChan was at the hotel earlier, and was nice enough to join us again.

After that it was the end of the Cyan event and pretty much everyone left back to the hotel..

Safe for Oscelot gathering some scattered chairs.

And that was the last thing we saw : Alahmnat cutting the chord.

Actually that was the last thing we saw.

Tons of thanks again to the Mysterium commitee and Cyan for organizing that great day!