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       Who does all this?

Most of the visible part of the Age, all of the city except the Hub was done (and is updated) by me, Aloys, the Hub building was done by J'anim Paedet, and the Prin Paths nexus was done by Robert The Rebuilder. But many more people took part in the project, read on for the full credits...

       Full Age credits

Original project idea: collective work around January 2006 on the Age Builders forums.

City & Shells
design, models, textures : Aloys

Original city plan idea : Dustin and Aloys
(note: if it had only been for me (Aloys) the city would never have been triangular.. ;) )

Final city map & urban planning : Aloys

Hub building original concept art : The Enlightened
Hub building model and textures : J’anim Paedet

Prin Pahts nexus model, textures, light, and code : Robert The Rebuilder
Prin Pahts books models and textures : Besharen
Prin Pahts books coding & additional tweaks : Robert The Rebuilder

City ambient music : TW (thanks Darryl!)

Hub music : GhostWriter (thanks Chacal!)

Assets & code integration : Aloys

Age testing and validation : The Guild of Maintainers

All shells credits of course go to their respective owners

Special thanks to :  

All the great Huru people working on the tools who make all this possible. In no special order : Almlys, Robert, Hoikas, Paradox, Trylon, D’lanor, Moo, Sjaak, Zrax, (and I’m sure I’m forgetting some…)

All the people on the various Uru forums (too many to name them all) for your continued support and input

Obviously many thanks and many props to Cyan Worlds for their games, their continued creativity and energy (and of course for allowing this project in the first place.)

* * *

And finally many thanks to all the people who download and enjoy Ahra Pahts! This project wouldn’t have gone so far without you…


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