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  This Age is very large, and you will find a lot to discover.. Here is a first taste.

Note: all these screenshots were taken using version #0.8.6 of the Age and do not reflect the quality of future versions.

Hub area
Aerial view of the city with the Hub area in the distance.

Courtyard screenshot
The '3 moons' courtyard in the blue district

empty shell screenshot
A typical shell in the green district

A courtyard somewhere in the blue district

Shell 111 in the white district

One of the many canals of the city.

panoramic view
This is a great panoramic view made by Tweek. (warning: large image)
green courtyardw
An empty park in the green district.

The Prin Pahts nexus cavern
shell 410
Shell 410 in the blue district


  The city is very large, and although there are maps and direction signs to help you find your way around, you might want to keep a plan outside of the game. Here are some:

hub map This is the map located in the Hub building it shows the shells already reserved.


empty shell map This is the map of an empty shell. Shell owners can use it as a base to create the plan for their shells. (it also looks good printed if you want to draw on it.)

(For those interested here is the original .PSD Photoshop file.)


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