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Ahra Pahts

Ahra Pahts is an Uru Age written by explorers, a vast city built for explorers to enjoy, and for other Age creators to come and participate in its evolution.

Unlike other Uru Ages Ahra Pahts is an Age built and constantly updated by its residents. Centered around the high Hub building is an expansive network of streets, courtyards, rivers… and “shells”’. Those shells are the empty parts of the city that anyone can own, to build a house, a large building, a garden, or something entirely original. If you know a little bit about Age creation or if you are willing to try, join the Ahra Pahts city and build something of your own; your personal space in the new D’ni universe.
And participate in the largest and most diverse of all Ages..

  >> You can download the latest version of the Age here (version # 0.8.Q)

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