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       What is Ahra Pahts?

  If you are on this site, you probably already know what an Uru custom Age is, and you probably also know what Ahra Pahts is. Let's pretend you don't.
Ahra Pahts is an Age for Uru : a continuous half a kilometer square large city. But unlike other Ages Ahra Pahts is being build and updated by its residents; people owning pieces of the city called 'shells' and building whatever they want. There are 150 shells, and they make for most of the city. (To learn more about the shells go the Shells page.)

But the city is not only about the shells, there are plenty of other things to see in the Age: large and small courtyards of all kinds, gardens, lakes, even a mountain.

(Right now like all custom Uru Ages Ahra Pahts is only available for Uru: Complete Chronicles. In the future when it will finally be possible to include explorer-written Ages in Uru Live, Ahra Pahts will be available to explore online.)

Let's take a closer look at the various parts of the Age...


       A vast city...

  The city is made of 4 different districts, numerous streets and canals, 150 shells, and there are maps and direction signs everywhere to help you find your way around. Each district has a different color and a different atmosphere. You know when you enter a new district when you see the high walls and the banner of the corresponding district colour. In the centre of each district is a very large courtyard where flows the canals, there is also a Prin Pahts nexus Book, and a map of the district.
At first the city looks large and confusing. It is very large, but there are maps and direction signs everywhere to help you find your way. But if you are really lost just use the nearest Prin Pahts nexus book.

Ahra Pahts: the triangular city (click to enlarge)

The White district
This is the center of the city; it is also where the Hub area is located. This is where you begin when you link to the Age; and from here you can go everywhere.

The Red District
At the north west of the city, this is the dry area. Rocks of all sizes and sand at every corner.

The Green District
At the north east of the city, here you will find mostly vegetation. Trees and flowers of all kinds. This is the garden area of the Age.

The Blue District
At the south of the city, this is where most of the water is: lakes, swimming areas, waterfalls and many canals. (however right now all the water is still frozen, see bellow)

The Hub area
Sitting in the middle of a large frozen lake this is the only official building, this will be your starting point in the Age. In the main structure you will find the meeting room, a large map of the city, a Prin Pahts nexus book, the official registery containing the names and addresses of all the Ahra Pahts residents. The two other smaller buildings will be opened later and will contain two meeting rooms: one open to everyone, and the other private (reserved for the city creators).
The Hub can be seen from almost anywhere in the city, this is the best landmark to find your way around.

The ice problem
Right now all the waters in the city are frozen. This is because technically it is not currently possible to make animated water; so we have chosen to keep it is as ice for now. This will change in future updates, as soon as we can animate textures, then we will have true water.
The good thing is that for now we can enjoy ice-skating everywhere! Some people have asked if in the future when all the ice finally turns to water we could keep at least one area frozen for fun. This sound like a good request, so a large frozen lake has been planned in the blue district.

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       The Prin Pahts nexus

  To help you travel around the city quickly there is the Prin Pahts nexus cavern. This area is actually a separate Age, but it is tied to the city and works essentially like the Uru Nexus. But unlike the regular Uru nexus this one doesn't use a machine. On the ground of the nexus cavern is a large map of the city with linking books scattered on the map; these books will take you everywhere in the city easily and quickly.
In the city Prin Pahts Nexus books can be found in all the streets, so you can explore the city very quickly if you want to. But if you come for the first time in the city of Ahra and want to fully enjoy it, take your time and walk.. And if you ever get lost you can always use the nearest nexus book...

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